Siberian Law Company

The company has offered an integrated solution of problems in the field of law, audit and accounting, estimation, management and support of investment projects in the market of the Siberian region more than 15 years.

The company specializes in different areas of law which allows embracing of a wide range of legal questions concerning both large industrial and commercial structures and small business.

Novograd Investment

Novograd Investment has more than ten years history of development. The company works in the field of construction, investments, development and real estate project management.

More than hundred residential and commercial real estate units are managed by the company.

Brokerage and consulting subdivisions of the company carry out practically all types of operations in the market of residential and commercial real estate.

Desire of Novograd Investment's clients to invest their assets in the foreign markets of real estate was an incitement for the company to enter the international market in 2007.

Specialists of the company consider the United Arab Emirates market of real estate to be the most promising for investment. Only for the first year we have attracted tens of investors to the construction projects in Dubai.


The agency of marketing communications «B-52» has been working since 2001. It maintains leading position in the Siberian region specializing in the areas of enterprises market development and business projects.

The agency offers a full complex of marketing services. It is engaged in formation of image of business structures and their managers, crisis public relations and consulting.

Specialists of «B-52» work in such specific markets as bank sector, real estate construction and development, telecommunications and communication, energy sector, foodstuff and consumer goods.